Global Changes

Although the world is faced with it’s own problems and faces massive changes, ‘global’ in this context, refers to my network of websites.

You see there’s a big shake up in the blogging world and it’s called wordpress 2.7. You guys don’t ‘see’ wordpress, but without it, this site wouldn’t exist and i probably would never have gotten in to this whole webmaster thing. I certainly wouldn’t have come 2nd in an SEO competition without it 😉

WordPress 2.7 allows auto installation of plugins, quicker navigation, rapid fire / handy links all over the place which saves me time plus it’s visually much more attractive to use.

This new version of wordpress will probably inspire me to re-jig all of my sites and put together some sort of ‘umbrella’ plan to keep them all updated and under close control. It’s a bit like the wild west at the minute. 3 servers at 2 different hosts, 50+ domains spread across 3 or 4 registrars… it’s do-able but i just need to manage myself with an iron fist.

Leaving Cert continues to pull in traffic without any effort at all. It’s a Google magnet and gets 50+ unique visitors a day from Google alone. That probably warrants a complete redesign and more upkeep. And that’s probably what it’ll get. I could sell it but that would be no fun, plus this is the one site that has sentimental value to me as it was my first ever site.


Whilst BeerChief is still under the knife, the BeerChief blog is not and i’m well capable of upgrading that myself. It’ll undergo a complete redesign with a heavy emphasis on multimedia. Expect a magazine style theme and some ‘made for social media’ content.

Jackpot Network

My jackpot network is still a jackpot according to Google’s statistics so not only is this a very stable niche, it’s also a really easy one to top it would seem as i have some sites ranking highly on Google without any content at all 😈 For these sites i have the design in place – it’s perfect in terms of SEO. I just need content and wordpress 2.7 will allow me to speed that process up a bit which may inspire me to work harder.

Chrome Guide

This is a site i fired up overnight and it’s still pulling in traffic. I plan on hanging on to it and adding more content, not high on my list of priorities though… Google chrome itself is not worth talking about until they start adding plugins – then it starts to play hardball with Firefox.

This site has great potential but it’s only an idea at the minute. Simple idea, relatively simple to put together but it will require several hundred dollars to get off the ground. I think it’s a winner and it’ll probably be on my list of priorities for 2009.

I now have an idea for this and now that this recession is kicking in, ‘sacked’ is a term which seems to be growing in popularity 🙂 At the time, this was an excellent domain i got my hands on, looking back on it, probably THE single greatest domain name i’ve ever bought / owned. Another one to watch in 2009. We still don’t know the value of .me’s but dictionary words are always valuable no matter what extension.

My Alloys will be a social network revolving around alloys / cars etc… i’ll probably have a crack at this myself with my experience from BeerChief. It’s a good name, nice niche site and the sort of site i’d be reluctant to sell if i ever get it going.

Holiday Ratings is a decent name and something needs to be done with it but i’m not sure what. I’ll probably sell it as a quick flip though once i do come up with something for it.

Ground Rage is a pretty simple concept. Unfortunately the platform i had intended using has become unstable and ‘dodgy’. I put off developing it earlier in the year, although i did come up with a logo for it. It will probably just become a blog now but it should still work well.

Other Stuff

The above is more than enough…. it’s over 30 sites combined. Maintaining one is a challenge in itself. One question people ask is why i don’t just focus on one project, one site, one goal at a time – it seems like a sensible thing to do.

Whilst that may get things done quicker i like the ability to float from one project to the next knowing full well i’ll never complete everything. It means i’m continually working on something and if i get fed up with one project, i can just move on to the next and vice versa.

Once BeerChief is complete, it’ll be a massive weight off my shoulders and not only can i start the promotion work on that, but i’ll have more time to get other projects off the ground, using my experience with BeerChief to speed things up.

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