Girls in computing – any such thing?


My girlfriend and I were discussing the possibility of me hooking up with someone in college in my course or whatever.. and whilst i never say never 😉 😈 😕 the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

Here was my list of arguments to defend myself/save myself;

  • Firstly i’m living at home, so no time for socialising ‘after hours’ so to speak, i hate hanging about for breaks/classes and stuff so once i’m finished, i’ll be away like a rocket..
  • Secondly, i’m not interested in anyone else/haven’t been up to now so why would that change?
  • Thirdly, and i may be wrong on this, but surely there won’t be too many females doing computing courses??

So tie all that together and basically i’ll have no time to meet anyone outside of college, plus when i’m in college, i’ll not be seeing too many females as they won’t be in my classes..

I’d never really thought about the ratio of male:female in computing courses before now, but i’m expecting about 90% male, 10% female.. can anyone shed any light on that? Is that a fair estimate? It would be pretty cool to work on websites with females as they could add that balance to a site in terms of design or marketing..

When i advertise/blog/browse a site i always assume it’s all guys that are reading it/composing it and i suppose that’s a dangerous assumption to make.. when you look at the numbers of females-v-males on social networking sites, it’s probably 50-50 so there are females out there somewhere and they do enjoy a bit of the old internet.. but i think it’s more casual browsing and entertainment rather than making a career out of it..

I can’t picture myself discussing marketing tactics and SEO, link bait etc with a female my age and in this country.. (maybe in the states). But i can always dream 😛

I do know of a few female bloggers, some of whom have been spotted on this blog, but they are a rare breed.. a growing breed, but rare breed all the same..

4 thoughts on “Girls in computing – any such thing?”

  1. Hi,
    I believe that girls dont have as much as an interest in computers as guys but there is always the odd one out who enjoys computers. I think most women see computers as a nerdy subject and because of that, dont get too invloved

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