Giant’s Causeway Videos

giant's causeway basalt columns

It’s not too often i upload videos, but i’ve just uploaded a few of my day out at the Giant’s Causeway yesterday…

This video below is a 360 degree view from the Giant’s Causeway.

Here you can see the Giant’s Causeway in the distance and the path that leads up to the cliff top above…

This last one is a view from the cliff top directly above the Giants Causeway. Extremely breezy as you can hear from the wind and i struggled to hold the camera still…

Videos aren’t really my thing though, i think that if i could upload them quicker i might be inclined to put more online. I took about 200 photos yesterday though and i’m very pleased with some of them. This one is probably my favourite;

Giant's Causeway

We stumbled upon a quiet beach along the coast which looked spectacular;

Giant's Causeway

I was zooming in to look at the lighthouse in the distance and happened to spot some people on the beach. Next to the water they looked like midgets and because of the angle i had looking down i was just seeing sea and sand, nothing else. I like those kind of ‘something from nothing’ photos. Anyway, you can see more of my photos from yesterday on my flickr.

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