getting the hang of priceline..

I’m heading to London in July, and want to get a hotel booked ASAP so i can start planning things.

I came across priceline a few days ago and have been placing bids for 3 consecutive nights now, and i’ll place another within the next few hours. I’m aiming to get about $200 a night OFF the hotel’s official online price.

I’ve been studying priceline’s system and reading up on it, and also keeping an eye on other people’s successful bids through forums, so i believe i can get the hotel i’m looking for at a rock bottom price. :mrgreen:

A modern 4* hotel in central London costs from €200 upwards per night. For the sort of standard we’re looking for, it would normally cost around €300 per night. That’s madness. But with priceline, i should be able to knock about 50% off any hotel’s online price. 😈

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