getting stuff done

Yesterday i said i hoped to get through an awful lot of work over these next few weeks. Today, i’ve made a good start by cleaning up my desktop, adding a few things on this blog and getting through some paid projects.

Up until about 2pm, here’s how my desktop looked;

desktop clutter

Keep in mind i have two 20 inch monitors – so draw an imaginary line down the center of that picture and you have monitor 1 on the left, monitor 2 on the right. Monitor 1 is my ‘base’ monitor. My most used icons stay there… i also have rocketdock hidden at the top of the screen and the windows start button is also on this monitor, so clutter is naturally attracted to this monitor.

In total, across the two monitors, i had 80 icons. Time for a clear out….


After about half an hour or re-organising, i now have a total of 6 icons. That’s better! 🙂

Here’s what my real life desktop looks like at the minute too….

desktop snapshot

Moving on to this blog, i’ve added a few new logos to the ‘logo‘ section and i’ve added to the ‘current projects‘ section. I’ve designed another 3 or 4 logos but none of the sites have been launched yet and won’t be for another few weeks at least, so i’ll keep them under wraps for now.

I’ve also added an affiliate banner on the top of the site, promoting woo themes. Between woo themes and elegant themes, they produce some of the nicest themes around. They’re not free, but i’m a member of both and if you’re building and running tonnes of wordpress based sites, it’s worth having these themes on tap. Free themes are great, some are fantastic (i’ll be putting together a list of great, free themes shortly), but if you’re looking for quality and don’t have the time to hunt down free themes, i’d highly recommend both (elegant themes is the cheaper of the two – just $19.95 for the year).

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