getting nasty gets results..


So yesterday i rang up meteor after patiently waiting 2 weeks and getting basically no reply to emails from customer care.They told me to ring Sigma Ireland, their distribution partner. So i rang Sigma later on but nobody was home at that time 🙄

So i’m just after spending the last half hour between them and meteor. I rang Sigma and got through to a nice cheerful lady so i couldn’t get nasty with her 🙂 but i explained the whole situation and was told to feck off back to meteor, that they don’t deal with the public (She didn’t actually say that, but that’s how i took it).

Now i wasn’t pleased with this to say the least.. but i bit my tongue and said ‘ok’. I knew it was stupid ringing Sigma anyway, as it’s meteor’s problem but that’s the situation i ended up in. So off i go back to Meteor – about to boil over now and determined to get some results or at least ruffle a few feathers..

Got through to another nice girl but nice counts for nothing this time – i was going to get some results even if it meant staying on the line for 2 hours and i think that’s the impression she got 😈 Put it this way, the phone is now dispatched and has been sent out by express delivery :mrgreen: Or at least that’s what they told me, they could have said that to keep me quiet for another few days but i doubt they’d go that far 🙄

So i had to spend over an hour in total ringing meteor and sigma 4 times. Only on the 2nd call to Meteor did i really get firm with them and that got results. The other 3 calls were basically people bouncing me off each other – something that i was used to with these call centres.

I really can’t understand why they just can’t respond the same to an email. It would have saved me and them call costs, time, frustration etc.. it doesn’t make sense. A communications company should have email/chat facility as their main line of communication imo… it really would make life simpler for them and the customer.

It takes 5 minutes to write an email and you can clearly quote order numbers and your case. The problem i had was quoting ‘R’ in an order number after the number ‘4’ 🙄 I was like ‘R’ for rain and that confused things a little 😛 Small things like that are eliminated in an email. Plus you and they have a written record of the conversation which makes it easy to find for future reference.

Anyway, 2 weeks later and the phone has been sent out, so end of story 😎

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