getting my time back

Today i finished up in college, informally. I’ll be in Thursday & Friday next week for a few hours to finish up a few things but apart from that, i just have my main Christmas exams left…

  • December 14th, Database Management Systems, No problems
  • December 16th, Web Applications Development, No problems
  • December 18th, Broadband Technologies, Only one that requires work
  • December 22nd, Training & Support, No problems

Creative Commons License photo credit: elaine faith

Although i have 4 exams, i actually have 6 different modules this semester, but 2 of them are 100% CA (no formal exams, just continuous assessment). Overall, i’m happy so far with how this semester has gone. College has destroyed my online plans for the last few months but i couldn’t do anything about it…

I needed to dedicate much more time to it than i thought i would, but it will be worth it once the results come out in late January. It’s all about the bigger picture and it makes sense that i sacrafice things short term to get what i want longer term. And that’s pretty much what i did this semester… i wasn’t happy working on college stuff, but at the same time i’d tell myself ‘tough’ – happiness comes after hard work and not before it.

Anyway, these exams should be formalities. That doesn’t mean i’m finished now and can relax or down tools – it means i just have to use common sense and look at past papers, get a feel for questions asked, scan material and get a rough understanding of it. After that, i place my trust in my ability to write.

Starting now, you’ll see me starting to work more online. I’m off until January 18th, so i’ve a nice long break from college 🙂

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