getting back to photoshop

Last summer i spent quite a bit of time learning how to use photoshop. I had amassed a huge army of brushes, styles and shapes which are always the foundation of any of my design work.


Then windows 7 came along and although i could simply export all my existing photoshop stuff on vista and import it in to windows 7, i wanted to start from scratch and only install the stuff that i’d actually use.

Today i’ve spent a few hours downloading shapes, brushes and styles and my photoshop arsenal is finally getting back to it’s former glory. It really is frightening just how clueless you can become with a default installation of photoshop.

Anyway, now that i’ve gotten back in to photoshop mode, expect more visual stuff from me. That’s the way it should be really. Although it might be a pipe dream, i want to design an image to go along with every single blog post on this blog (once the new theme comes along).

At the minute, i use photodropper to find relevant free images that i can use in posts. You’ll see them all the time in this sort of format;

smemon history
Creative Commons License photo credit: smemon87

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