get paid to hack google chrome

Google are now offering $500 in cold hard cash to anyone who submits a valid security bug report. If your find is particularly important, the reward could stretch to $1337… (only the techies will appreciate that seemingly random number!).

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So if you’re the type of person who regularly discovers loopholes in chrome’s security, then this is your lucky day… If you’re the type of person who reads this and thinks they can discover security loopholes in chrome, then good luck to you too, you’ll need it 😉

Google have admitted they’ve blatantly ripped the idea from Firefox. Firefox offer the exact same $500 reward for bugs and have done for quite some time. You would have thought Google would up the pay a bit just because they can, but no… it seems discovering a hole in security is worth just $500. I’m sure the real hackers out there could make far more than that by actually exploiting the bug or selling the information on to someone who could exploit the bug.

Still, it’s good to see rewards like this in place… it can only help with security in the long run.

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