get me out of here..

This week i’m being used as a stop gap solution in work as a colleague is on a weeks holidays. It’s a higher position than i’m used to, so i guess it’s a complement the bosses think i can hold the forte for a week.

The problem is it’s in another department and i’ve zero experience in the department 🙄 So this should be fun, heading in, on my own, expected to handle everything like the regular guy does 👿 I’d really love to play dumb and milk being the new guy, but it’s not in my nature, so i’ll more than likely get the job done and give my colleague a run for his money.

Like i’ve said before, i’ll be quitting in mid – May to focus on websites, but also to give myself a break as i haven’t had a summer off in 4 years (despite being a student). It will more than likely be my last chance to have 3 months off, so why not? I’m young and can afford to as i’ve no house or no real monthly expenses. That said, with a car, credit card and projects that need funding, in my eyes i CAN’T afford to give up. But anyhow, i’ve decided to ditch the wise approach and be a bit adventurous and risky by giving up.

So with the finishing line less than 2 months away, it’s a nice feeling knowing i can go in to work tomorrow and really not give a hoot about how i do in my new role 😆 For the past while i felt i was becoming more and more of a ‘utility man’, covering for people here and there, doing the work of 2/3 people at times. So if i get through this week unfazed, it will be even more experience under my belt and it will be another box ticked. To carry on, is asking for trouble as i’d most likely be working full time all summer, which is not what i want. It’s time to move on and cut the rope on this weight 😛

Anyhow, i’ve got Saturday to look forward to. It’s an historic day for Irish soccer as it’s the first soccer match to be played at Croke Park (up until now, no ‘english’ sports like rugby and soccer were allowed). We take on Wales in a must-win match. With 80,000+ fans there, it will be lively, so i’ll take plenty of pics and maybe even a bit of video for you all 😎 )

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