get a google wave invite

A couple of days ago i got an invite from to google wave. Up until then i hadn’t really been too bothered about it…

Hoooray! I got the Google Wave Invite. Let's collaborate and Have fun....
Creative Commons License photo credit: sifarat

I see wave’s potential, but i don’t think it will ever be fully realised any time soon. I do think it’ll pave the way for similar services though. Real time can only be a good thing on the web and that’s what wave offers.

It’s still too messy for my liking though. I’m surprised google rolled out a product which is appears to be pretty cluttered – not like them. Even if it is aimed at the more tech savvy user. Anyway, if some of you are looking for invites, contact me and i’ll do my best to send you one (i only have a few to giveaway though so no promises!).

update: i’m all out of invites!

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