general round up

I’ve decided needs a revamp. It needs to be simpler, more creative and less generic. I have a theme in mind for it and i’ll be busting my gut to throw it all together this week.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dave watts is still one of my largest / most succesful sites so it deserves to be properly looked after. This coming school year i also hope to increase the content and get my thinking cap on to come up with additional features and competitions.

Once this revamp is out of the way, i’ll be working on BeerChief next week. It may not be ready by the time i start back to college, but at least it’ll be well on the way to completion. is turning out to be a great venture and i want to keep up the great start we’ve made with it, so we could well be rejigging it or trying to squeeze more content out of ourselves.

Wifi Mapper needs more content and time… so does Charity Bypass although i’m not sure i can fit them in to my schedule any time soon. looks after itself – it’s getting decent traffic and it’s community driven anyway so that takles the pressure off me. I’d love to dedicate more time to it though too at some stage.

I’m happy with my own blog for now, but i’ve run in to a major problem with the lifestream plugin so i’ve had to disable it temporarily (the site was down for a few hours last night whilst i was tucked up in bed, oblivious to any problems.)

Nothing really gets past me – i’m well aware of the flaws with every single one of my sites including this one. They are all works in progress but so long as the work is continuing and the plans are in place, i can never be too hard on myself.

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