garmin nuvi 610t ordered

I’ve just ordered a Garmin Nuvi 610T from pixmania.


Total cost was €297.90 incl delivery. The device was €292 and delivery was €12.90. Those of you that are on your toes will notice that adds up to €304.90. However i got €7 off with a coupon :mrgreen:

I’m getting it delivered here to my house but i’ve promised my girlfriend i wouldn’t open it 😕 So i’ll have to resist the temptation. But it’s not too bad, as i already have one sitting here in my bedroom for another family member :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

So i already know what to expect. Like i said to my girldfriend, apart from doubling as a bluetooth handsfree kit and the obvious navigation assistance, one of the big useful features of this is to simply warn me of sharp bends/corners on the road up ahead. A quick glance at the GPS and i’ll see i’ve a straight stretch of road ahead, or else a few little turns, so i can adjust/prepare speed and eyes for the road ahead.

Hopefully i’ll get a free upgrade to the v10 navteq maps, as the model i’m getting now only comes with v9. V10 is actually available at the minute, but only comes preloaded on the most expensive devices. Particularly in my area, there’s been quite a few new roads in the last few years completed that are missing on V9, so V10 would be sweet.

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