Gardai launch Operation Mix-Tape

mixed tapes

Earlier today, 4FM were talking about a new mix-tap amnesty which is aiming to rid Ireland of copyright music on mix taped by May 31st. They reported it as factual, much to the horror of many listeners who reacted angrily (at 20c per message). The website is and initially, i was just going on 4FM’s radio report, but having seen the site i can safely say it’s an elaborate prank.

However, you have to question 4FM’s professionalism if they’re trying to fool their own listeners (They announced it in amongst other factual news). It’s not april 1st after all. The site is registered to Jim Miley who is 4FM’s CEO which pretty much confirms it’s some sort of promotional / viral campaign. Perhaps a piss take of the IRMA.

Whilst i don’t like the way it was announced on 4FM, i have to admit it’s a genius idea and it’s extremely well executed. These two youtube videos look very professional and they’ve gone to great length to make them look like genuine Garda initiatives – i love the first one in particular – The Garda Press Conference :mrgreen:

The website itself is also pretty simple, but impressive… it will have more than a few people fooled 🙂 You have to admire the creativity behind it all… it’s like something straight out of ‘Father Ted’. They also went to the trouble of printing an ad in the Irish Times which only adds to the ‘is this for real?’ mystery and confusion.

A quality example of a viral campaign and hopefully it gets the coverage it deserves but i can only see 4FM coming out of this with a damaged reputation. It’s not cool to fool the people that pay your wages for no reason.


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