gambling with a hotel..

I recently booked free flights to London.. well technically they did cost €0.04 😉

Anyway, i’ve spent all day today looking for hotels, as i like to have things planned well in advance. My standard of hotel (modern 4*, city centre) costs between €200-300. That’s pretty darn expensive, compared with even Dublin. I’d often get a decent hotel in central dublin for under €130-180/night, then again i know exactly where to look.. London is new to me.

Anyhow, i’m reluctant to shell out €400-600 for 2 nights 🙄 But i thought i’d no choice, that is, until i came across 😈 where i realized people were paying $100 a night for the sort of hotels i’d be paying $400+ for 😯

That’s a huge saving.. so obviously i’m going to explore priceline and see what i can do. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it.. i’ll explain briefly.

  • hotels usually have spare rooms left over due to low demand
  • rather than leave them empty, of course they’d like to fill them at any price
  • priceline asks the hotel for their minimum sale rate. They get you to bid what you’re willing to pay.
  • they then look at the hotel’s price, your offer and if you’re offer meets or exceeds the hotel’s price, you get that knock down rate.
  • the catch is however, you don’t know where you’re staying until you’ve paid for it. It’s pot luck as to where you get, although you can pick a star rating and a general area with maybe 15 hotels in it…

Obviously as the date draws nearer, hotels start to panick and slash their sale rate simply to fill rooms, so that’s the time to bid. At the same time, if you leave it too late, you mightn’t get the sort of quality you’re looking for or the hotels might be near full, with no rooms left. It’s basically a game of poker.

So i’ve already bid $112/night for a 4* hotel and had that bid rejected (i got a tip off from a guy who paid $108 and got a hotel).? I’ll try the same tomorrow (you can only bid every 24hours) unless you up your offer, which i won’t do just yet 😎 Prices/ Demand change daily..

Haven’t told the girlfriend about this.. she wouldn’t be too impressed if she thought i was gambling over our hotels. I could end up with an old townhouse hotel and i’d be left answering a lot of questions… 😆 it’s a gamble, but one that *could* save me a few hundred euro 😉

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  1. Were you able to get priceline to work with an Irish CC ? It doesn’t offer me an option to put in a non US card 🙁

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