full of confidence

Whilst the world may be falling apart and most people (and economies) are in a state of depression and recession, i’ve never been more optimistic…

Creative Commons License photo credit: {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester}

  • Charity Bypass will be launching on Thursday and it’s looking really well.
  • There’ll be a new portfolio section coming to this blog over the next week or two.
  • Work will start on a new .ie project shortly too…
  • I’ll be kicking things up a notch on irishgolfer.ie
  • Plans will be put in place to bring BeerChief back to life with a ‘version 3’.
  • Work will begin on wifimapper.com too.

Surrounding myself with work and projects seems to be paying off. I’ve got so much to do, i really shouldn’t writing this blog post or taking time to think 🙂 But that pressure is what fuels me. Without it, i’d probably be playing games or just surfing the internet… The pressure of more work forces me in to getting rid of a backlog of work.

BeerChief remains my most exciting project, my largest project, my most expensive project… we launched it last summer publicly and it’ll be the same story this summer, only this time it’s all systems go and it’ll be make or break time. So long as i’m working on it, it’s only going to go in one direction. It may take a while, but it will get there.

College got in the way twice of BeerChief in the last 12 months… going back to college after summer and christmas holidays reduced my work rate and at times, i ended up being shut off from the internet all together, much to my frustration.

What will be different this summer? I’ll just be much more motivated and focused. I know more, i can do more, i have more experience than this time last year. College will get shoved in to a corner of my brain and it will be replaced once again by BeerChief and my many other projects.

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