Friendfeed + Feedburner = win

I’m just after noticing my feedburner subscription count has double from the last time i checked (which was yesterday!). It now stands at 283 subscribers… my feedburner graph confirms the numbers have doubled over 24 hours…


The reason for the massive increase? From what i gather feedburner now supports / accepts friendfeed subscriptions so because i’m fairly active there (i have 172 subscribers), i’m guessing they’ve been added to my ‘regular’ rss subscribers.

Friendfeed is basiclaly a catch-all solution. Kinda like my lifestream on this blog. It gathers all the stuff i’m doing online and churns it out in real time. It can be very handy, just like twitter, if you’re trying to follow the latest trends and breaking news, or you just want to see what your online pals are doing…


Anyway, it’s great to see that feedburner count rise. It’s been hovering around the 130 mark for about 6 months now! As a blogger, stats like these are like a ‘pay day’ or ‘pat on the back day’ – it’s a reward for hard work and loyal service to the blogging world :mrgreen:

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