FREE stuff for students..

Ok, so i’m now officially a student. That means discounts, freebies, general leeching off other people and saving every cent possible :mrgreen:


Check out the amount of crap i got from registration day :mrgreen: This isn’t even half of it, but in that picture there’s deodrant, condoms and hangover tablets – eh, what are they trying to suggest? 😆 I also got pens, newspapers, a carton of squeez apple juice, nutri grain bars, noodles (WTF?) Anyway, i’m going to milk this student thing for all it’s worth.. you’re only a student once! (well most of us are).

I thought i’d put together a few tech/money related sites which can offer students something.. also note the majority of these are for Irish students only – so non-Irish students, hard luck 😎

Free Stuff

Free €50 for opening an AIB account + free travel card worth €12

Check out AIB’s free €50 offer for first years. You must top up twice, plus make 15 lodgements/withdrawels by the end of the year to get the €50. I top up phone credit once a month anyway and i’ll simply transfer a few euro back and forth between all of my other banks via online banking so an easy €50 😎 Plus you get a travel card worth €12 (gives discounts on buses/luas etc..)

Free €100 for opening an Ulster Bank account

Ulster Bank are less clear about their terms on this, but as far as i can see, if you register and use your account, you’ll get €100 free in two €50 installments, one now and one in January.. Worth a shot even if you don’t get it.

Free Return Flights to open a Bank of Ireland account

With BOI, they offer you a free return flights voucher to pretty much anywhere, but that means you have to snail mail book flights and can’t do it online, plus you can online certain dates so it’s a no-goer imo, unless of course you intend heading away somewhere on specific dates..

Free hosting and domain name for one year

Digiweb are offering students a free domain and hosting for a year. What more can you say, it’s worth almost €50. I’ll take that thank you very much 🙂


Known Discounts

  • Discounts at (roughly 10% off but limited selection of laptops, see their student section)

So being a student has nice little perks like knocking a few quid off ipod’s and laptops 😈 If i hear of anymore offers, i’ll be sure to let you guys know, in fact, i might dedicate a static page to it as it’s not really useful to 90% of you guys reading this blog 🙄

For all of the above offers you’ll need a student ID/email to avail of them, so don’t waste your time trying if your not a student – i’ve already been there, done that 😎

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