Free Screenshot Editor

Normally, i’d printscreen and edit a screenshot with ms paint 😳

That’s down to the fact i’ve never come across decent, free screencapture/editor software, it’s also down to the fact i’ve never really search for one :mrgreen:

Anyway, with this blogging presentation coming up, i thought i better go and find one if i’m to ‘raise the bar’ so to speak, like i want to do..

So i found faststone capture, which i have to say is excellent for the price of it.. it is of course free 😆 Anyway, a picture is worth a thousands words as they say so here’s a snapshot of what it can do..

Check it out, download it, play about with it.. it’s a nice tool to have and you may not use it today or tomorrow, but i guarantee you, you’ll need it someday 😉

3 thoughts on “Free Screenshot Editor”

  1. Downloaded and installed, found out it’s not free, only free trial after which you have to register for US$19.95. Little misleading

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