free logos. cheap sites. limited offer.

Please note offer has now expired! No more free logos! If you want logos designed or sites built, contact me

As many of you will know, i’ve intended doing a skydive for charity for a long time. Since August 2008. Because of weather and the fact i had to raise $1000 quickly, the skydive had to be shelved until summer this year. Well, it’s now summer ‘this summer’ and i’m determined to do this skydive before i got back to college in September.

That gives me about 3 months. The plan is to do the skydive in late July/ August when the weather should be decent and that will also give me time to raise the $1000 i need. (Well, i actually raised $200 last year through an online competition, but i still need at least $800 to go skydiving.)

No competitions this time around, but i’m offering YOU a golden opportunity, a free lunch, a ‘too good to be true’ deal.

Free Logos

free logos at

I’ll design a logo for YOU for FREE, provided you retweet or blog about this post. If you think the logo is good enough, you can donate whatever you think it’s worth or whatever you can afford – but a donation is not necessary – retweeting or blogging about this is equally as valuable to me. Most of you will know what i’m capable of design-wise. My more recent logos are a taster of what you can expect. If you want a logo designed for peanuts or for free, this is your chance.

Retweet or blog about this post, contact me with a url proving you’ve done that and then let me know what you want – colour, font, tagline etc… or you can just give me a licence of freedom to go wild!

$99 sites

Skydive Special

I toyed with the idea of building websites for free, but it’s simply far too risky for me and hugely time consuming. I will however do the following for just $99;

  • design a logo
  • install either wordpress / joomla on your server (i can host a site on my own server for a small fee)
  • customize a free template to suit niche (insert logo, a few style tweaks here and there)
  • fully SEO the site to the best of my ability
  • add a contact form
  • create a custom email address (e.g. [email protected])
  • add your text & images to pages (but nothing ridiculous like 100 pages!)

This is aimed primarily at small businesses / sole traders as a sort of basic brochure site to get them online and give them a presence. Buy your own domain name, pay me $99 and i’ll take care of the rest. Contact me if you want to know more or need anything else – i’ll do my best to offer you as best a deal as i can.

Because this is so cheap, i can’t spend time on many revisions, tweaks, training or basically any additional work not included above. I’ll be happy to do all that, but it will cost extra! If you’re interested or know of anyone that may be interested, send them my way! Not only will they get a bargain, they’ll be helping me complete a once in a lifetime skydive and they’ll also be helping charity (ncbi ireland).

Everything will be done by me and only me – no outsourcing, no funny business. I design, tweak, install, SEO etc… everything. Have a look through my portfolio to see what i can do.

Reason behind it all

The reason i’m basically giving things away for peanuts is because i need to raise at least $800 to complete this skydive. I’m determined to hit that target sooner rather than later. Now that i’m off college, i find myself with more time on my hands, so i can afford to take on more work, help raise cash for this skydive and of course build my portfolio and get my name out there – that’s why i’m doing things on the cheap. If you’re worried about quality, don’t – every bit of work will be added to my portfolio and as a result, i’ll treat all logos and sites as my own. I won’t hand over a logo or site i’m not happy with.

I won’t be doing this all summer either, depending on demand i could stop this quickly if i get flooded with requests – although i do have time on my hands, i’m still extremely busy with my own projects. I will however honour all requests that come in before i call a halt to this. I do need to raise $800 and i’ll be happy to raise more than that provided i can afford the time… anything over $800 won’t be going towards the skydive though, instead i’ll be using the cash to help poverty stricken entrepreneurs pursue their dreams of starting a business through

What’s in this for me?

A skydive. It’s that simple. The time taken to do all of this will be huge. The competition last year gobbled up a huge amount of time and things will be worse this time around. I also want to add to my portfolio and force myself in to working harder, faster and under more pressure. If i can add to my portfolio, give people a good deal and complete a skydive… all for charity, it’s a whole flock of birds killed with the one stone 🙂 But what started all of this was the charity skydive and so long as that’s done, i’m happy.

The Smallprint

Some terms of this offer:

  • 3 logo requests per person – i may accept more but this is to stop abuse of the system and to stop me spending all my time with one person.
  • 3 site requests per person – same story as above, to stop abuse.
  • max of 3 logo revisions per logo – to protect my time.
  • turnaround time for logos should be 1-2 days – depends on demand, but i’ll keep you updated daily.
  • turnaround time for sites should be 2-5 days – depends on demand, but again i’ll keep you updated daily.
  • hosting is not included with the $99 site offer, but i can host the site on my own server for a small charge.
  • domain is not included with the $99 site offer, you just pay domain name cost but i can help organise that for you if necessary (free of charge).
  • if offer is ended, i will update this post saying so – any requests after that do not have to be honoured (but they may be – just because i’m nice!)
  • terms can be changed at any stage as i see fit.
  • contact me if you want any more info

11 thoughts on “free logos. cheap sites. limited offer.”

  1. Cool idea Seán. Hope you get many RT's and enough for the dive. I don't need anything at the moment so can't really avail of it.


    PS: Why are the prices in Dollars?

  2. cheers Sean! yeah i've had a good bit of interest so far, hopefully it'll continue 🙂

    prices are in dollars because i'm just so used to dealing in dollars online – it's like the unofficial currency of the internet!

    i should have it in dual currency though – you're right, must get on it…

  3. Hey Smemon,
    pretty cool idea hope you will get enough for the dive and post some pics of it once done xD.
    One little question, would it be possible to request more than one logo ?
    Thanks in advance,
    Green Cat

  4. Hey Smemon,
    pretty cool idea hope you will get enough for the dive and post some pics of it once done xD.
    One little question, would it be possible to request more than one logo ?
    Thanks in advance,
    Green Cat

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