I’m now closing in on no.1 spot in a competition to find out who ireland’s top SEO is. It’s been a real battle so far with the top 5 seemingly unbreakable… that is until today when my very own Geansai Gorm site has smashed that trend and come in at 5th spot in or more importantly 4th in this competition overall.

Geansai Gorm 17th Nov

4th is not bad. Not bad at all. Were this thing to finish right now, i could claim to be the 4th best SEO in the country 😈 In reality, i’d never claim that though as i need more experience and records to my name in order to ‘prove’ myself worthy of being labeled a top SEO.

I’ll be very happy if i can break in to the top 3 and if i can win this, it’ll be a massive notch on my belt with this being my very first SEO competition 🙂 Unlike the rest, i’m not playing this down publicly whilst fighting fiercely behind the scenes…. make no bones about it – i set out to win this from the moment i heard about it and i’ll be battling right up until the last hour for no.1 spot.

If i was to play this down and use this as a 100% experimental site, i can guarantee i would not be ranked 4th now. I know what SEO is, what it involves and how to go about it… as i’ve said before the only thing stopping me or any of the top 10/15 results from grabbing no.1 spot is workrate and workrate alone.

I’ve moved up steadily over the past couple of weeks and have yet to go DOWN a place in google for 24 hours or more… i’ve always been on the up. That’s a good sign and it’s also a good sign i’m apparantly after knocking one of the steady eddie’s out of the running.

3 more sites to beat and this is mine, all mine 😈

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