Form is temporary, Class is permanent

There’s an old saying in football that “Form is temporary, Class is permanent”.

It’s the same with blog posts. Your last 5 blog posts could be utter rubbish. If someone comes to your blog at that moment in time, they’re not going to be impressed.

In order to ‘rescue’ yourself, you need to let these guys know, you are in fact a decent blogger, and the last 5 posts were a mere ‘blip’ in your performance.

So how can you do that? Digging up past triumphs. Ask any Liverpool fan if Man Utd are a better footballing side than Liverpool and they’ll dig up the old “We’ve won more trophies than you” debate.

If you have ‘top posts’ or ‘most popular’ posts sections on your blog, that’s basically what you’re doing. You’re saying, “Hey, my current blog posts my not be great, but check out my old gems”.

It’s another way of keeping people interested and getting them to read your best work. You may have noticed i’ve started using ‘related links’ underneath every blog post as a way of keeping readers on my blog.

I’ll also be using this sort of ‘please don’t go, stay for just one more post, i promise it will be good’ technique on my new blog design. It’s something i haven’t really looked at much but it is a crucial part of getting more hits and more readers imo…

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