Football Trophy Font

Football Trophy Font

Earlier in the week, I posted about the benefits of using SVG and why i was using it in a project of mine (to create football trophies). Today, i’m revealing the world’s first football trophy font…

The Demo

You can see the font in action here:

football trophy font

The Goal

Standardized icons are fast replacing images for the reasons outlined in my previous post. They’re just easier to work with. Recently, the iconic project on kickstarter set a goal of generating $15k. How much did it finish with? $92k. Proof there’s a lot of people out there (mainly designers / developers) who can see the value in it. Its mission is to take normal icon fonts and go one step further by making them responsive, animated and ultra customisable. They’ll never replace photos, but a lot of the time we don’t actually need or want to use photos to convey a message – we just use them because they’re convenient.

If you’re looking for football trophies, you’ll find it hard to get some kind of standard design and format, so that’s what i’m attempting to create here. The goal is to make every single trophy in world football available in multiple formats (not *just* a font). This is just a start and over time, I hope to improve quality and quantity. Right now, there are 21 trophies on display. There are probably hundreds of ‘major’ trophies and thousands of lower league trophies and cups. Designing all of them will take a long time, but the world needs a standard trophy resource and i figured it will be created by someone, someday… so i’ll do it myself and start today.

Interested in chipping in or just monitoring progress? Check out the project on github.

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