Defined as “the concentration of attention or energy on something”. For the past few weeks, i’ve been focusing on… apart from this blog, my other online projects have taken a back seat. The result in just a few weeks?…

New camera
Creative Commons License photo credit: Admond

Average daily traffic has more than tripled and the site is starting to go places. I’ve always been confident when it came to… i knew it had potential and more importantly i knew i had the potential to fulfill it’s potential.

But that ‘potential’ word was being used an awful lot (by me). So before Christmas i decided to focus on the site more and i’m still doing that today. If i can maintain what i’m doing on a day to day basis with the site, i can finally turn that ‘potential’ in to something more solid… Concrete results.

A quick session with the calculator tells me that as things stand, we’re on course for about 150,000 visits in 2010. That would mean my goal of doubling traffic to the site would be complete. I’d have more than tripled traffic to the site.

However, now that i’ve got a taste for it, i’m eager to do what i initially set out to do with the site…. become the no.1 leaving cert site in the country. It’s ambitious, but it’s doable and all it requires is focus.

The problem with focus is that by it’s own definition, it requires you to sacrifice other stuff. I don’t like doing that, but right now i’m happy to focus on… up until june anyway. That’s because i know the site can only grow and grow until that time and because it’s already grown significantly, i’m curious as to how far i can actually take it…

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