fixing problems

Although i’ve done it for years, i don’t even realise i’m doing it most of the time. Fixing things. When things go wrong, i have to get them back to normal ASAP – i’ll spend all day trying to fix a problem with one of my PC’s if something is up.

Day 27 : Tire repairs
Creative Commons License photo credit: RadioDeer

Today i arrived home from college to a stuttering internet connection. Something up with windows 7. Don’t ask me what it was because i can’t tell you. But it was nasty anyway… driver updates, restarts, patches from windows, configuring IP’s, system restores…

Nothing. Still problems. I then uninstalled everything i could think of that may be causing the problem… still nothing. At this stage i was just getting fed up and considering a full reinstall of windows 7… which may not have been a bad thing – it’s probably smart to start from scratch every few months, but it does mean a lot of work.

Anyway, i kept plugging away and trying things until eventually something worked. Don’t know what it was, don’t really care either. Bottom line is things are back to normal 🙂 It’s great being able to fix problems yourself… it’s not great fixing them of course and head scratching for hours on end, but eventually it all comes together.

No doubt had i taken my PC in to a shop they’d have wiped everything and reinstalled 7 – that’d be the least time consuming option 🙂

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