fixing problems – day 2

Yesterday i was talking about fixing problems and as luck would have it, more started appearing today…

Firstly, i tried upgrading this blog to wordpress 2.9. Didn’t go well. Eventually (by process of elimination) i found out it’s a plugin causing the problem. I have about 30 plugins running here, so i now have to activate & deactivate them one by one to see what’s up.

The problem, i suspect, is a combination of plugins (not just one) which makes things all the more complicated. I’ll get there eventually but please excuse the mess that i may create on this site in the mean time 🙂

All of that is bad enough, but the problem i thought i fixed yesterday arose again today. For the record, i was being randomly timed out from the internet. Other PC’s running other operating systems were fine, it was just windows 7. I still have vista on my desktop (along side windows 7), and vista was fine, so it wasn’t a hardware problem.

I spent loads of time trying to narrow down the problem yesterday and thought i’d fixed it (because it suddenly stopped timing out after much fiddling around) but whatever it was must have kicked in again when i rebooted today.

So rather than waste my time figuring out what it was, i decided to nuke everything and reinstall windows. That fixed it 😉

Anyway, good job all of this is happening now and not last week when i had assignments due and exams to study for. It’s no big deal (reinstalling windows & getting everything back to normal takes me about 4/5 hours) but it’s just hassle & extra work i hadn’t planned on doing.

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