First week in College..

Right now, i’m in computer applications class, probably doing some exercise in MS Office and saying to myself ‘come on, challenge me’. I’ve scheduled this post thanks to wordpress timestamp. At 11am, i’ll be heading home to end week #1 in college – you gotta love the short fridays 😈

My biggest fear going to college was that it would be too easy, i’d already know too much..

Obviously for the first few weeks that will be the case as everyone gets to grips with the terminology and software they’re using.. i’m pretty experienced with a lot of the stuff we’re using multimedia and application wise, but like i mentioned in an earlier post, you always pick up one or two little things, even if you think you know it all – that’s the biggest mistake you can make – going into exams/course complacent and expecting an easy ride.

I’ve already seen enough to know that the year will be far from easy.. it will be challenging and i will develop my skills.

Which of course, is a good thing. I want to learn new things, be challenged, be working..

This is also an area i love so i still cringe at the thought of calling it ‘work’ as it sounds so boring/uninspiring.. most people bring energy/enthusiasm to their hobbies or social life, whereas i’m the opposite – i invest that energy and enthusiasm into my work, my sites, my ideas..

Anyhow, one week under the belt and i’m still unphased.. i’ve had to re-jig my sleeping schedule, but apart from that, there hasn’t been much change in my life.. you’ll see this blog hasn’t suffered, and the quality of posts hasn’t suffered, so i guess i’ve managed to slot a full time college course into my life without making any real sacrifices 😆

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