First week back in College

This week was my first week back in college. I started on Tuesday. Although a lot of people are reluctant to be back, i was looking forward to it. I love projects and having things to do each week rather than one big exam at the end of the year – that’s probably the single biggest advantage of this course and the reason i like it.

We’ve already been told we’ve got a group project or two and have to present it to people, but due to the fact there’s only a handful of people in my class we’ve already formed a group and have begun planning a ‘Dragon’s Den’ mock up which we’ll film and edit and then present. I’d hazard a guess the other classes won’t even from groups for another couple of weeks, never mind come up with ideas and choose one 😈

Green Screen
Creative Commons License photo credit: unknowndomain

We’ve an excellent impressionist who can pull off just about any character out there. With the right props and script it’ll look fantastic. I’ll be taking on the editing role. Although i’m still a novice editing videos, i’m the best we have. This time, i’ll be using adobe premier pro cs3 and really going for a professional look.

You can bank on it being done right. I love that stability i can offer – even it takes me days and days to do something, it’ll be done 😉 My last video took about 11/12 hours in total to complete and i did that pretty much non stop one day. I’ll probably spend more time on this one. Even though it’s a hell of a lot of work, i’d love to be able to come up with something top class. It’d be another feather in my skills cap.

It’ll be invaluable experience if i can do a job on this – it’s not like creating a website or designing… it’s much more difficult imo as you have music, video, text and special effects to deal with and all require loads of thought and testing. Anyway, once i get that done, it’ll be going up on youtube :mrgreen:

My modules this semester are;

  • Hardware
  • Web Client Programming
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Requirements Modelling
  • Networking
  • Data Analysis for Computing

In lay mans terms;

  • How computers are put together
  • Javascript
  • How to work in a team
  • Planning / Preparation
  • How to get PC’s talking to each other
  • Pie charts / graphs and making statistics look good

All pretty easy stuff. I shouldn’t be failing any of those. Looking forward to getting stuck in to them 😈

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