first wave of work on JPEGr..

ok, the work done so far on JPEGr: (it’s about 5 days since i acquired it)

  • contact form added.
  • adsense blended more.
  • thumbnail image added above codes when you upload an image.
  • more terms & conditions added.
  • logo on all pages links back to homepage.
  • 100 manual submissions to high PR directories.
  • Added to digg, stumble & delicious.
  • put on all my forum sigs.

Normally, i’d just buy a site and let it sit there gathering dust. I’ve actually spent a bit of cash and time getting JPEGr polished up a bit. I plan on fixing a few other things that annoy me and then i’ll focus on building traffic more. atm, traffic is coming without any work on my part and fairly consistently, so that allows me to focus on developing the site itself.

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