first internet superstar?

A while ago i blogged about Ésmee denters, a teenage youtube-r with an unbelievable talent – singing.

Within months she was snapped up by a record label, apparently owned by Justin Timberlake..

Anyway, i was at Timerlake’s concert in London last week and he was supported by Fergie, Timberland and Ésmee Denters herself…

It hit home the sort of power and hype the internet can create.. Ésmee is a product of the internet, possibly the first internet superstar. In less than a year, this young woman has gone from jumping around in her bedroom with a hairbrush to supporting Justin Timerlake and playing in front of 20,000 people…

With that sort of fantasy / come reality thing going on, the internet will only continue to grow as more and more people latch on to the fact the the internet is the biggest stage of all.

That’s good for guys like us – it means more people spend more time on the net.. it means they’ll create a demand for services/sites and thus those sites can command higher advertising revenue.. :mrgreen:

Of course all good things come to and end and figures will peak somewhere, but i can’t see another dot com crash anytime soon..

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