first day back at college

Today was my first day back in college. I didn’t expect to be doing much and i didn’t expect to be doing much all week – generally just seeing what each subject is about and what we’ll be doing, the breakdown of where marks go etc…

I arrived in not knowing my timetable for the day, or week. 9am and still no sign of any timetables. Great. Fantastic. I eventually found out i had class at 10am for an hour.

Creative Commons License photo credit: tompagenet

When i came out of that, timetables were up… I have a jam packed schedule this week, particularly on Thursday when i have no classes whatsoever 😉

I have one single hour long class tomorrow (Wednesday) and the same again on Friday. So in total, 4 hours of classes this week (i’ve done two already today). It’s a joke but hey, it’s not my problem, not my job…

You expect a lack of organization on week 1, but not from the college / staff… if college starts this week, it should start this week – not next week, not the week after. If things aren’t ready or organized, we should know about it.

Anyway, now that i have mobile broadband, i can work away when i get a bit of free time. It’s already paying for itself!

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