First College Exam..

I had my first ‘exam’ today..

In the computing course i’m doing, for the vast majority of modules, we’re assessed on a continuous bases, meaning no big exam at the end of the year 😎

On the flip side, of course, that means working throughout the year consistently 🙁

Anyway, the test i was was editing/formatting a word document as part of my ‘computer applications’ module. I can safely say i got 100%… as i’ve said before this sort of stuff is child’s play and the whole MS office suite is basically ‘idiot proof’ and you can learn as you go along.. i was given a sheet and had to ‘clone’ it, adding in titles, setting up tabs, adding headers/footers, adding subscripts etc..


I also get 20% for turning up in most modules 🙄 That’s something that angers me actually as it de-values the ‘pass’ grade at the end of the year. A pass is 40%, so turn up every day for class and i’m half way there 😕

Anyway, all this talk about ‘passing’ is nonsense.. if i don’t pass this year that’s because:

(a) i died during the year

(b) i was in an accident and can’t function properly physically or mentally

(c) i drop out due to a superb job offer/online success.

(d) i’m kicked out for some reason

I can’t think of any other reason why i wouldn’t pass the year 😛

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