Firefox 3.5 is turbocharged

Up until now, i’ve just been using Firefox 3.0 (the official latest version of Firefox)… but i decided to install the BETA version of Firefox 3.5 and i’ve been mighty impressed so far.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dekuwa

They boast it’s twice as quick as Firefox 3.0 and i have to agree. I think i mentioned before i was using Google Chrome these days quite regularly on my netbook in particular, mainly due to it’s quick start up time and ability to load pages slightly faster than Firefox.

But Firefox will probably win me back now… there isn’t much between the two in terms of speed now (just from my observation – i have no stats or anything to show). Because Firefox has an endless amount of plugins and extensions available for it, it will always remain the king of internet browsers.

I think Chrome will eventually start to take over the reigns from Firefox, but that’s way down the line. Right now, Firefox is still no.1 and Firefox 3.5 confirms and strengthens it’s position. It’s amazing how a little boost in speed here and there can make a huge difference to your daily browsing. Gmail was always pretty slow opening up for me in Firefox 3.0 but now it’s as quick to open as it is in Google Chrome.

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