finishing a site – can it be done?

I’ve said this a few times before, but i never think of any of my sites as being ‘finished’. It’s not a like a college project where you hand it up and that’s it 100% done and dusted, out of sight, out of mind. Possibly will never have to be looked at again.

Creative Commons License photo credit: twicepix

All of my sites are not where i want them to be. Take A couple of months ago, i had plans for it… but i have plans for all of my sites. The site itself sat virtually untouched for a good 6 months, but during that time i was always ‘thinking’ about working on it.

Now, all of that thinking is finally being put in to action and at long last it’s starting to look like how i’d envisaged it, but it’s still a long way from being complete. In fact, i don’t think it will ever be complete.

Once i’ve checked all the boxes on my mental ‘to do list’, i’ll find more problems, more areas that i don’t like or think could be improved etc… that’s just how it goes. One thing that i have learned to do though is to question whether or not the time and effort put in to a site will be worth it in the end. is a good example of how i’m becoming smarter in what i do… rather than start a new project or invest time and energy in to an old one that currently has no traffic or traction, i’ve put my time in to this site – one which has traffic, has readers and has potential to grow further.

I’m confident i can double traffic this year and start to really take it places. It’s already going places. It already has gone places. But you quickly forget about any success so far, and i think you have to in order to keep moving a site forward. If you’re 100% happy with a site and wouldn’t change anything, there’s something wrong.

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