finished! my summer starts here…

Today was my last day in college. No more exams, no more study. I’m fully expecting to pass everything and my exam results on June 10th will confirm it :mrgreen:

Over the course of the two years so far, i’ve had 24 different modules, with a total of 23 different lecturers. In first year, about 60 students started a common year and then this year (2nd year) we all went down different routes (applications, networking or software). I chose applications.

Plenty of people dropped out, plenty didn’t make it to 2nd year. More people joined us from other colleges this year. We also have plenty foreign students in the course (irish students believe it or not are in the minority) – some are living here, some on an exchange year from colleges in Spain, Germany, France etc…

Things are constantly changing but i really never stop to think about all that… it’s just normal to me – i know no better. Anyway, whatever i’m doing, it’s working because i’m passing exams and i’m 66% through my course :mrgreen:

what fun :D..again
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Moving away from college, my time will be completely restructured now for the next 3 months or so. Up at 11am, bed at 3am. Back to ‘american time’ as i call it. It will be a jam packed summer for me.

  • Next week, i’ve 3 sites that’ll be rolled out one after the other.
  • Hopefully i’ll organize some BeerChief face to face meetings too.
  • Skydive is back on the cards and it’ll be done late this summer. I’ll be flexing my creative mind again in order to raise cash online.
  • Although it’s in July, i’ll be booking a hotel, west end tickets and train tickets for my london trip which will mean everything for the trip has been paid for up front. So no turning back and no worries 🙂

That’s all just next week. Beyond that i’ll be doing a whole load of other crazy stuff online. I’ll be designing more and i hope to teach myself basic php & mysql now that i’ve got a bit of extra time. I’ll also be driving more traffic to this blog and trying to set new records for it.

It’ll be a summer of hard work and a lot of networking, but come september i should be the proud owner of BeerChief – version 3 and i should also have completed a skydive and beefed up my portfolio with more online projects. Wanna bet against me? 😈

It’ll all kick off next week though… i need a few days to plan and prepare things and get warmed up.

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  1. Yeah back to the late nights and early later mornings, its great the summer has finally arrived

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