fine tuning my blog

I’ve made some more small changes to the blog… there’s always bits and pieces i know i can improve or work on. That’s the downside of being a perfectionist – nothing is ever ‘finished’.

Firstly, i’ve added in my feedburner chicklet to the header and changed the colour scheme to suit. I had loads of space up there (and still do), so it makes sense to move things up there rather than add them to the sidebar.

Secondly, as a result of the new space i’ve made in the sidebar, i’ve added in a ‘latest posts’ widget. You’ll only notice this when on posts or pages as the homepage differs from the rest of the site.

Thirdly, i’ve fixed my archives page. It previously broke the layout and pushed the sidebar below content, so rather than spend my time trying to mess about with CSS i just installe another plugin called clean archives.

I’ve also cleaned up my ‘about‘ page somewhat and on the backend i’ve added two plugins called ‘Better Tags Manager‘ and ‘Admin Drop Down Menu‘. I’d rate both of these plugins as ESSENTIAL. They both save so much time and page loading and when you’re blogging on a daily basis, you’ll really appreciate these two.

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