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Today i spent about an hour working out exactly what i’ve gotten so far in college continuous assessment marks. I then worked out exactly what is left ‘up for grabs’ and calculated what i need on my final exams in all subjects to (a) get a 1:1 (b) get a 2:1…

As things stand, i have a 63% average from semester 1. In short, i need a 77% average from this semester to get a 1:1 (which is anything above 70%). However i just need a 57% average to get a 2:1. The dilemma i was in is that i didn’t want to lock myself up studying and trying to get 77%, fall short and end up with an average of say 68%. That would mean i’d get a 2:1.

If i were ‘strategic’ about it, i could say to myself a 2:1 is a 2:1. Just get a 57% average and you’ll pick up the same degree as you would have done busting your ass for a few months. That was the ‘problem’ i had after i got my results from semester 1 back in january.

Now that the semester is effectively over and i’m just waiting to sit exams and give a presentation (this Friday), i’ve gotten all of my CA marks. The CA marks account for approximately 35% of semester 2 marks and on average i’ve gotten about 72% of that 35% (25.2%).

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So if we’re getting really technical, we’d say this;

  • Semester 1 average = 63% (of 100)
  • Semester 2 average so far = 72% (of 35)
  • Total average = 88.2/135 (or 65%)

So if we’re thinking positively here we can say that i’ve upped my average score so far to 65%. Which means i need to boost it by just 5% more coming in to these final exams. However, realistically, i’m running out of exams and CA marks…. i’d need to get 51.8% out of the remaining 65% to get that magical overall average of 70%.

In a nutshell, it means i’d have to average just under 80% in every final exam paper to get my 1:1. That chances of that happening are slim. On the other side, i just need an average of about 49% in all final exams to get my 2:1. That’s much more ‘achievable’.

So my homework is very much ‘done’ when it comes to knowing what i have to do. Everything is planned, all scenarios have been covered… even the thought of failing. I know what marks i need to get in all subjects to pass so i allocate my time according.

Like i’ve said before, i don’t ‘like’ approaching exams in this fashion but that’s what we’re trained to do. All subjects are equal, all subjects must be passed. So this is the type of student that system breeds. I’ll be focusing on financial management because i need more marks in that subject to pass than the rest. That’s my least favorite subject too yet it’s the one that will suck up most of my time. What i’m getting at is that i’m spending more time on subjects i don’t like, than subject i do like. College in a nutshell 🙂


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