February 2011 Review

website is down

It’s hard to believe it’s now Spring and i have less than 3 months left in college. I’m not complaining though, in many ways time can’t move fast enough. In February, i didn’t get up to anything interesting… it was a long, tiring month thanks mainly to college work and a total wipeout of my biggest websites…


I posted a few dissertation related posts last month which shows that i have been doing *something*. As things stand i have just over 7000 words and about 25 pages. By the end of this month i’d expect to have at least double that…

Busy & Tired

I mentioned sleep debt early on in February and since then i’ve been feeling pretty tired. I’m definitely in tonnes of sleep debt and with no breaks on the horizon (until easter which is 5 weeks away), there’s not much i can do only try to catch up on z’s at weekends.

I also spoke about the need for a digital do not disturb sign online. Something that you can activate which ensures you get zero emails, messages, alerts etc… until you deactivate it. It’s very easy to fall in to the trap of expecting people to be online when you are… at all hours of the day. We expect businesses to be open through lunch breaks. We expect them to operate 24/7 online (support etc…). We’re getting to the stage where we expect people to be online constantly too as opposed to checking in every now and then.

The website is down

The weekend after last, my host’s control panel was accessed and literally everything was destroyed. It’s a web developer’s nightmare. I think this site was down for the longest period ever in it’s near 5 year history.

Things are now fairly back to normal. If i had more time, i could clean up this new theme and carry out some much needed maintenance on other sites but i don’t have that time so it’s tough luck. And lately that’s all i seem to be having… the other day (after i posted that ‘bad luck streak’ post), i left the house for college as usual and found this waiting for me… flat tyre with a nail through it. I’m betting it’s the same guy that deleted all my sites, snapped the aerial & mirror off my car, then deactivated my twitter account. He’s out to get me…

Flat Tyre

Things can only get better

On the plus side, it’s a new month, a new season and i’m working on an exciting new project which shall be revealed in due course. College work will be coming at me thick and fast this month and my dissertation needs to be finished so it’ll be another mental pressure cooker of  a month but at least now the finish line is on the horizon…

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