extended delay

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I hate delays. Whether it’s traffic jams, flights delayed or ‘coming soon’ websites, i hate them all. However i don’t mind waiting if the end result is worth it…

The end result will definitely be worth it with itisdown.com… I’ve spent most of the day working on it and it’s beginning to exceed even my own expectations. All the little cracks are beginning to get ironed out and i’m also adding touches of real class which contribute to the ‘wow’ factor. The image above is a good example 😉

Getting away from the development of the site, it’s also important i have some sort of disclaimer in place too which i’m working on. I’ve moved the site on to irish soil to improve performance and credibility so it’s all coming together nicely 😈

Testing, more testing, a few more features and we’re good to go. I’ve probably put more effort in to this site than most but that’s because this is a site like no other. It’s modified to no end, so i’ll be hoping to clone this site and use the same sort of features in future projects…. it’s that good 😉

Anyway i still can’t commit to a date or time whilst i’m still fixing things. Ironically college work is holding me back from completing this site, but we’re not far away now (we’re talking days)…

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