explosion of traffic next week

traffic explosion

On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday past, theleavingcert.com broke it’s daily traffic record day after day. 1408 visits on Monday, 1422 on Tuesday and 1437 on Wednesday. Traffic will peak again next week and no doubt set more new records. However, it’s not the only site with a predicted traffic explosion.

This new site i’m working on should be ready next week and once it’s launched, i’d expect it to rake in traffic too. Possibly more than i’m expecting. The site is pretty viral friendly, so if it gets any sort of exposure at all, i’d expect traffic to snowball.

The site is now online, it has a name (bought it last night), logo (which i might change) and the design is almost complete. Code is being fine tuned as a write this. So it’s moving along nicely. And quickly.

Simplicity is the key to everything… whether it’s designs or just thought process, i’m trying to simplify everything i do. There’s a fine line between deliberate simplicity and lack of ability simplicity. I haven’t mastered staying right on that line.

My designs of late have been poor on this blog. A good example of ‘lack of ability’ simplicity. I do have the ability to do better, but basing my ability on those designs, it looks like i lack ability. I know that, i’m aware of that.

The reality is most of my posts this week have been constructed late at night. After 11pm. So that leaves me under pressure to write & design quickly. I’ve also found it difficult to write this week for some reason. However, the most important thing is the fact i DID write.

I’ll be busy next week. My sites will be busy. So i’ll have plenty to write about. College exam results, leaving cert traffic, a new project going live… Expect the quality of posts & designs to improve as i get busier.

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