Exams all but over

I had my 5th exam today in as many days, leaving just one more to go on Monday. That exam is only worth 30% of the marks for the module so it’s also the least important of all my exams. So it’s time switch off from college and get back in to the swing of things working online – something i haven’t really done since the summer. BeerChief will be completed in January now (i know, i know, i say that every month) so i’ll also give that priority and try to make sure it launches as smoothly as possible.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Shrek (HP)

Anyway, before i start talking about plans online, i’ll grade myself on these exams and then compare my marking with my actual results when they come out in January. I don’t know how many people do this, but at the end of every exam i always go through my own paper and mark it myself with a neutral attitude. I first mark it really harshly and then mark it relatively easy and what i normally find is that my actual real result lies somewhere in the middle of my own harsh and easy marking. So here’s what i reckon i got;

  • Data Analysis = 60%
  • Networking = 45%
  • Hardware = 56%
  • Interpersonal Communications = 70%
  • Requirements Modeling = 71%
  • Web Client Programming = 63%

Overall Average = 61%

I’ve been fair with marks too, so i don’t believe my overall average will be any less than that figure. 60%+ is a nice safe figure – it shows i know too much to get in to trouble but don’t know enough to be classed as a genius. I can live with that as i’ve yet to really hurt myself in terms of studying or learning… i feel i can step it up another gear when required which won’t really be until 2011 when /if i go on and do a 4th year.

It’s nice to know these exams are out of the way and dead and buried as far as i’m concerned. Job done from Sep – Dec. I can also enjoy my month off from college :mrgreen:

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