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I mentioned yesterday i hoped to earn a new qualification by the end of next week and i was referring to Google Analytic’s new IQ exam (Individual Qualification)…

I seen Barry Hand talking & boasting about his 😉 so i was instantly curious and believe it’s something worth getting. It’s not free, but at $50 it’s worth it… as Barry pointed out, some training companies charge an arm and a leg for this sort of stuff.

The only formal qualification i have in computing to this day is ECDL, so it’s important i keep adding on bits and pieces, even if they are just for show. I will /should of course have a degree this summer in computing & an honors degree the following summer but i actually don’t value them much myself…

Would i employ myself this summer based purely on the degree i’m doing? No. Not knowing the course, the content and the work involved. I’d be looking for more real world experience… a lot of employers do and i can see why. Whilst it’s not ‘easy’ to get a degree, they have been devalued like a lot of things.

There is no substitute for experience however and if you can rack up the certs and portfolio work to go alongside a college degree, you’re much more difficult to say no to – at least that’s the way i think.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Badge
Creative Commons License photo credit: SeanWF

I know a lot about analytics although i wouldn’t call myself an expert. I use it almost daily and know my way around all the tools so i’m expecting / hoping a lot of the material covered in the slides will be familiar to me. No matter how much i know, no doubt i’ll learn something new anyway. In order to pass you need a minimum of 80% (56/70 questions), so i can afford to get 14 wrong.

Anyway, i’ll be doing my best to get that under my belt by Friday before i head off to Dublin for the weekend on a mini break with my other half. I’ll be posting about the test & how i got on later in the week…

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  1. Good on ya, would be interested to see if you can actually turn it around in a week. It's open book so keep a window with the Conversion Uni Videos, Your Analytics account & Analytics Help tabs open. The downside is it's time consuming to check these when answering and often they're of no help other than confirming an answer.

    The margin of error is quite low, and I was sure I'd got a few more wrong 🙂

    Good luck with it

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