Exam Stress

Tomorrow, i’ll sit down for yet another round of gruelling exams. 6 in total. Must pass all, no exceptions. Failure in any will mean mental torture for the next 8 months until i get a chance to repeat them. Is that a big enough motivator for me to pass all first time around? Yes, probably. ‘Stress’ though is something i never feel. I’ve never failed an exam due to stress and never will. In fact, i don’t believe in stress. I feel it’s a term used to describe people’s inability to control their emotions. It’s a get out term that is used as an excuse and lets people off the hook for not completing work that should be completed.

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Pressure – now that’s a different thing – i can feel that, everyone can. But getting stressed out to breaking point and to the point where you physically can’t work or jump hurdles? There’s only one person to blame for that.

My preparations for these exams have been ruined though by sickness – perhaps brought on by stress :mrgreen: For the past 3 weeks now i haven’t been feeling 100%. I’m still not back to normal, although i’m much better than i was last weekend. An x-ray confirmed my left lung was causing the problem. Thankfully, i can actually stay awake these days though past 9pm, plus my mind is back to full sharpness – i can just feel it – i’ve got no way of proving it although these exams would be a good opportunity 😉

Despite not being 100%, i fully expect to pass all of these exams and stroll in to my 4th semester pressure-free.

Technically, this is actually the half way point for me in my course – i’ve been in it a year and a half now out of 3. Realistically though, i’d expect to stay on for a 4th year after i complete my course to get an honors degree in IT management.

I’d be a fool to leave after 3 years with an ordinary degree trying to pin down a job in what by that stage (2010) will probably be the worst economic times the country will have seen for decades.

For the sake of one year, staying in education, moving up the ladder another step and getting a degree in management will look much better and i can come out in 2011, if not with a job, at least with an honors degree in an area i love.

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  1. cheers PB! so long as i have the air in both of my lungs (and that’s not guaranteed) 😉 i should get through them ok 🙂

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