Exam results spot on

My college Christmas exam results came out today. These were the exams that nearly killed me 😉

Ok, slight exaggeration, but i did have pneumonia before & technically during the exams (although i was on the mend at that stage) so i wasn’t 100% happy with my preparation – then again i wasn’t physically well so i knew that should i fail any exam, i’d have a great excuse. Just this week, after several x-rays, i finally got the all clear 🙂

But i still wanted to go ahead, do them and pass them all first time… i wasn’t prepared to sit about until May and then sit 12 exams when everyone else would have just 6.

I passed them all, as i predicted. Overall average of 61.5%. Here is my predictions -v- reality breakdown. It’s frighteningly accurate as i predicted i’d get an overall average of 61% so i was 0.5 % out :mrgreen:


It doesn’t get much more accurate than that 😉

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  1. cheers paddy bloggit – hopefully i’ll have more reason to celebrate next week too when BeerChief launches 🙂

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