euromillions jackpot €125m

Today, somebody could become the single biggest jackpot winner in history as the euromillions jackpot has rolled over 6 times to €125m.

end of the winning streak
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Dolores McNamara scooped €115m in 2005 instantly making her Ireland’s 72nd richest person :mrgreen:

With €125m, i’d probably buy shares in football clubs, snap up a few websites and custom design & build my own mansion in the countryside with very tight security in place (thermal imaging cameras, saferooms, tunnels, floodlights around grounds, remote control bolt locking of individual rooms etc..).

BMW X6 would be first car on the list. Bullet proof glass and armoured shell a must.

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In the short term though i’d finish my college course and live off the interest for a couple of years. Even 1% interest on €125m would give you €1.25m per year – just over €24,000 per week. I think i could just about get by on that along with my college grant of course 😉

That sort of cash could easily destroy you though and i always wonder what sort of training or support (if any) lotto winners get… it’s the first thing i’d look into – how to cope with it mentally or ‘normalize’ it all.

The easiest thing to do would be to give it all away and live on a few million, but that’s not very sensible. Chances are someone else will blow it if you don’t… that includes charities. When it comes to charities, i’d make sure my cash was invested in medical & education projects along with new buildings – i’d want to ‘see’ my money working and have something to show for it.

Anyway, there’s a few hours left to get your tickets… sorry non-EU citizens, i’m pretty sure you can’t enter although you’ll probably find some website who will facilitate you 😉 My guess is that there’ll be 2 or 3 winners, but if there’s just the one, i pity the person in many ways – especially if they don’t keep it quiet or it’s leaked who the winner is :mrgreen:

Update: I just won! Not quite the €125m, but €20… maybe i should blog about the lotto every time i play 😈 Also there was just 1 winner of the jackpot, making him/her the single biggest lottery winner in history!

2 thoughts on “euromillions jackpot €125m”

  1. Well done on the 20 quid lol!

    Closest i’ve ever came to winning the lotto (national lotto) was 2 weeks ago when i was in Glenageary at the dentist, brought my mother along with me and she wanted to go into the shop to do the lotto for that night. I wouldnt let her because i was in a rush. Well the next day i heard that the winning ticket was bought in Glenageary! Well wasnt i sickened to bits! it was 12 million lol!

    I looked up that one Dolores and she has become a prisoner with all the money she has. She was threatened that she would have her kids abducted and reaction to that is to make her home more and more secure thus making herself a prisoner in her own home. I would rather not have won the lotto lol.

  2. yeah her son / family had death threats and needed protection but i guess that’s what you get for going public.

    when you have fortune, why do you need fame?!

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