EU puts the brakes on Internet Explorer

anything but IE

Do you like Internet Explorer? Yes? No, wrong answer. You don’t like Internet Explorer. That’s the message we’re trying to push here in the EU :mrgreen:

Microsoft have been forced in to issuing all users of IE with alternative browser options. It’s all part of an anti-competition crackdown. We all know IE is on it’s last legs and will fade away over time, but it’s good to see the EU taking action against Internet Explorer.

Google and Youtube have recently said they’re turning off the life support machine for IE 6 which means Internet Explorer is gradually being frozen out. All of this media attention is helping to educate IE users and hopefully they’ll investigate options for themselves and eventually come to their senses…

Internet Explorer = bad. We need to get that message across to current users of IE and also in to our schools. Just like smoking or doing drugs, using IE should be frowned upon 🙂 That will be the next step for the EU law makers…

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