enough with the photos already!


I still have a mountain of photos here from my holiday last week that have yet to be edited & uploaded. I am slowly getting them online though, one by one. At times i think some shots are rubbish, then i think well actually they’re not too bad and with a bit of work could turn out to be quite nice…

Here’s some photos that didn’t make the ‘best’ list and that i probably would never have uploaded were it not for the fact i’m enjoying experimenting in photoshop at the minute. These all needed to be cropped, rotated and brightened up a bit…

Another Cross

Seen one cross, seen them all, right? Well yes, but that didn’t stop me taking pictures of all sorts of different crosses from all sorts of different angles :mrgreen: This one came up quite nice. It was on the top of the mountain beside the cable cars in Dubrovnik.



I’ve spoken about these ‘Kravice’ waterfalls before. Wish you were here…



With this one, i actually darkened it a good bit… less contrast, more vibrancy. An experiment really.

sun rise


Same cross as in the first picture. This is what it overlooks…


Random Chopper

Whilst i was editing these photos yesterday, i noticed a helicopter flying around. I didn’t pass any remarks at first but then it got annoying as it was obviously circling around time and time again. So i stopped editing, had a look around and noticed it was a search and rescue coast guard helicopter. The nearest ‘coast’ to me is about an hours drive away 🙂

Anyway, my camera was at hand so i ‘stole’ a couple of photos of it.



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