Emergency Links..

If i have a webmaster/server/site related problem or any other non-tech problem for that matter, i more than likely can fix it myself after a bit of browsing about and editing..

But what happens if you can’t fix a problem? Or if you’re just too lazy or too rich to be arsed doing it yourself? Who you gonna call?

Here’s my list of emergency tech links for those ‘panic button’ moments:

Between those 5, i can’t think of any problem you could ask/search for that couldn’t be solved… you’d either find out how to solve it yourself, buy the equipment to solve it yourself, or buy people to do it for you..

What are your emergency links? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Emergency Links..”

  1. Loads much faster! :mrgreen:

    But it scrolls strangely for me ….. it seems to scroll in waves rather than in a fluid motion. I checked other sites etc. and yours is the only one that seems to do this on my screen ….. on IE7.

    Strange one … ❓

  2. hmm.. hit one problem on the head and another pops up :mrgreen:

    everything is ok with me atm on firefox and IE, but i’ll see if there’s anything i can fix..

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