Ebay purchase #28

Today i received my 28th ebay bargain..

This time it was a presentation pointer i got for an upcoming presentation plus i’ll probably have a few more presentations over the next couple of years.

I’ve been an ebay member for about 2 years, racking up all sorts of wierd and wacky buys from battery car jump starter kits to usb powered vacuum cleaners and car windscreen wipers :mrgreen:

This little purchase is possibly the nicest piece of kit i’ve ever bought. It came in a nice little presentation box, very snazzy. It’s also wafer thin and about the length of my fingers, so really lightweight and slim.

It acts as a laser pointer, a mouse and a simple forward/back device for slideshows.. you plug in the IR usb key drive and it sets up automatically.. I tried to get a bluetooth pointer (my laptop has integrated bluetooth) but they were simply too expensive and i didn’t want to flash the cash on something i might use about 10 times in my lifetime.

This little baby set me back £15.00 (~$30 or €22). It will save my back from bending over, it will make my presentation smoother, plus it will ensure my delivery and level of preparation are unrivalled, which is what i want.

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