Easy on the Eye

You may have noticed lately, i’m adding in a lot of pictures/videos to my posts..


There’s several reasons for this, but mainly i think it aids first impressions and stops the blog from becoming too formal or boring. I can only speak for myself, but when i log onto blogs, i tend to stick around the colourful, media friendly blogs. Also, an on topic picture lets the reader know what the posts is about.

Too much text looks dull and boring. Blocks of text annoy the hell out of me. That’s why you’ll never see me stringing 5/6 sentences together without breaking up the text with a line or two. It takes about a minute to copy/paste/screenshot and upload and i figure it’s a minute worth investing.

The eyes naturally look for pictures – we look at a picture and form an opinion instantly, but with text, we have to read, think and form an opinion on text. That’s my theory anyway :mrgreen:

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